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If you are looking for outstanding custom quality carpentry projects in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and the greater Orange County area we can provide you with qualified service professionals for any carpentry task.


Pure Quality

Our OC team has over 30 years of experience in carpentry, wood finishing and deck services. Whether you are interested in getting custom shelving put on your kitchen or you need some simple home repairs or you simply might be interested in putting in a shed/gazebo, our staff can prepare you a custom quote for your labor as well as help you with some carpentry tasks throughout your home.



Our custom wood carpentry services can help you transform your home or make the most of your property. We service Huntington Beach, Newport Coat, Yorba Linda, mission Vierjo, Surfside, Tustin and the greater orange county area. We can help to prepare custom blueprints for your carpentry job as well as work off of plans that you may have in place. Our staff will work smart and safe and we are protected by a large-scale insurance policy to keep our customers best interest in mind. With our carpentry projects we can finally help you with your home improvement or business property enhancements.



Detailed Passion

As well as expert training, tools, insurance and guarantees on all of our construction we will also provide you with a level of service with attention to detail. We are extremely customer service focused and each one of our contract workers places an emphasis on customer satisfaction. This means it will regularly be checking in with you for deadlines and we can provide you with a no-nonsense quote including all of the various tasks that will need to be completed to finish your project. OC carpentry projects for our company are available at affordable prices and using top-quality materials. Contact us today for all of your carpentry needs in orange county.

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